In terms of use, it is one of the 3 most important metals after aluminum and copper among non-ferrous metals. The resistance of zinc, iron and steel to corrosion It is used in the production of brass and special alloys used in casting industry. Also in the construction of zinc plates roofing materials and rubber industry (ZnO) has a usage area.



Copper; It is produced purely from its ores using various pyro, hydro and electrometallurgical methods. Bare conductors, busbars in electrical and electronics industry, Insulated air line and underground power cables and additional materials are the main elements of electrical energy transmission and distribution.Copper; high electrical permeability, workability and metal, the mechanical properties of which are best after silver. Physical characteristics:

  • Melting temperature: 1083-1084 °C
  • Boiling temperature: 2300 °C
  • Density: 8,92-8,93 g/cm³



Lead ores are extracted from underground through digging, blasting, crushing and grinding stages and then processed by extractive metallurgy methods. Lead is very widely used in business life due to its easy processing, widespread metal and low melting point. Battery manufacture, cable insulation, ammunition, alloys, chemical substances and pigments, radiation isolations, used in areas such as gasoline additives. Physical characteristics:

  • Melting temperature: 327,5°C
  • Boiling temperature: 1749°C
  • Density: 11,34 g/cm³